Covid-19 Guidelines and Precautions

Things may look a bit different this year but please still come with your Christmas spirit! Here are a few guidelines we put together to keep your family and ours safe this year. 

**If you are ill or have come into contact with anyone with Covid-19, please follow medical advice and do not come until healthy


Please wear a mask if able and when social distancing is not possible in and around our store.


We will still provide handsaws, but cannot guarantee their sanitization in-between each use. Please bring your own handsaw if you have one. No chain saws or gas powered saws are allowed. 


All dogs are required to be on a leash at all times. Dogs are not allowed in our store November & December. Please do not pet dogs that are not your own to decrease the spread of germs. 


As always, we provide port-o-potties for our customers. We will not be able to sanitize them throughout the day. 

Tree Tie Down:

We can help you carry your trees to your cars, but we cannot tie them down. We provide twine for you to use to tie down your tree.


There is one entrance and one exit for our store. During peak hours on our busiest days, we may offer an additional outdoor checkout. This will not be available at all times though. 

There is no evidence that Covid-19 can be transmitted on plants or plant products. Source: Cornell Cooperative Extension/New York State Integrated Pest Management